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Coronavirus: How to Clean and Disinfect Your iPhone or iPad. May 25 2020

Washing hands and social distancing is great but what if you caught Covid-19 from being on your phone or tablet?We’ve all heard that Corona and other nasty bacteria and germs can live on your screens for days. Can you think of a higher touch surface than your phone?What if the Corona from your phone or tablet ended up making you sick at home, in hospital, on a ventilator machine or...


iPhone X/Xs Case - review of our case by Sadia at Xalirate will make you love a sleeve case. July 23 2018

A short while ago we saw via our social channels that a good friend Xalirate had decided to take her silicon leather case off of her iPhone X and go case-less. In our infinite wisdom, we messaged Xalirate to see if one of our iPhone X cases would be of use to her and her newfound love of a case-less iPhone X, as you can see below the response we...