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Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max Sleeve Case in Pink Leather | Screen Cleaning Sanitizing Lining

Cases that Protect Against Damage, Clean the Screen & Destroy Bacteria and Viruses.

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Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max Sleeve Case in Pink Leather | Screen Cleaning Sanitizing Lining


Dial-up the glamour with this beautiful Hot Pink USA leather iPhone 13 Pro Max case designed with slimness and all-around luxury protection in mind. Handcrafted with precision by expert artisans to protect, polish and sanitise your iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Do you remember the excitement when you first unboxed your new iPhone? How clean and sparkly it looked?

But our iPhones are such dirt and grease magnets that aren't hygienic and look plain awful.

Do you hate dirty screens? Ones that look dirty, causing eyestrain and spreading germs?  We do too.

We decided to do something about it and created a patented lining for our cases. One that’s manufactured with a unique blend of over 10 million screen polishing fibres and infused with the world’s most advanced antimicrobial technology.

Imagine how you’ll feel with a case that everyone will envy, that keeps both you and your iPhone 13 Pro Max protected.


  • You want a case that protects, is durable and stylish without added bulk.
  • Handcrafted by local artisans using the best eco-friendly USA leather (5-year warranty).
  • Designed to protect your entire iPhone against daily damage – front, back and sides.
  • Cleaning the screen with every swipe is more hygienic than your pants or shirts which can scratch your phone screen.
  • Using the most advanced antibacterial technology protects you against germs and viruses. Works in seconds and lasts a lifetime.
  • Easy ejection slot gives you instant access to your calls, messages without sacrificing protection and giving you easy access to all ports and speakers.


    ✅ Cases infused with the world’s most advanced antimicrobial and antiviral technology.
    ✅ Beautifully handcrafted cases that all your friends will envy.
    ✅ Protect drop after drop without added bulk.
    ✅ Antimicrobial protection that kills 99.9% germs, bacteria and viruses dead!
    ✅ Germs on phones cause stomach bloating, diarrhea, eye and ear infections, MRSA and more.
    ✅ Disrupt virus cell walls so that influenza and Covid family strains can’t survive.
    ✅ Lining has over7m tiny fibres that polish and clean away greasy finger-marks.
    ✅ No more wipes, cloths or fluids. Or wiping on shirts or pants.
    ✅ Integrated antimicrobial technology that doesn't dilute, acts in second, works continuously, lasts a lifetime.
    ✅ Independent European laboratory test standards.
    ✅ USA Food and Drug Administration EPA registered additive.


    Not just a pretty face, NueVue cases are the best tablet and phone sanitiser product on the market.

    Our cases contains an innovative microfibre lining that keeps your iPhone snug, whilst also eliminating bacteria from your device in seconds. No need for wipes - the lining also wipes away unsightly marks that can cause eyestrain, fatigue, and headaches with every swipe.

    Eliminating bacteria from the device surface helps to prevent the spread of illness, blemish-causing dirt and scratches on your screen and keeping your tablet or phone sterilized throughout the day. 

    An anti-static effect within the microfibre also averts electrical charges that can cause damage to your iPhone or iPad without you knowing.


    Research has proven that dirty greasy screens cause eyestrain, blurry vision, red tired eyes and headaches. Nearly 70% of adults experience digital eyestrain.

    All it takes with our unique microfiber blended lining, is one easy slide, to clean the screen every time you slide the device in and out of the case.

    NueVue is a lot more effective than rubbing your phone on a sleeve or carrying a cloth, and it avoids scratches or damaging Apple’s Oleophobic screen coating. Also, a dirty screen is just plain ugly!

    Source: American Optometric Association



    World's most advanced antimicrobial technology.

    Bacteria is all around us, some keep us healthy, while others make us sick such as norovirus, E. coli and salmonella which can live on phones for days and cause tummy upsets, sore throats, jawline spots, acne and worse. So, you don’t want them getting from your hands to iPhone, then straight into your mouth.

    NueVue cases are infused with the same antibacterial technology the world’s leading hospitals use, to keep us safe, protected and works every time you use your device eliminating harmful germs in seconds.


    How We Clean Dirt and Grease from The Screen.

    How the cleaning works is quite intriguing and you may not fully appreciated that under a microscope, the iPhone or iPad glass surface isn’t really that flat at all, it’s full of crevasses and craters just like the moon’s surface. In fact, just a touch of science, if it wasn’t the grease would just slide off the screen. So, our tiny tiny fibres needed to be small enough to get inside these craters to seek out and mop-up the grease and dirt out like little moon buggy dirt sweepers. Fascinating!

    How We Destroy Nasties Breeding.

    We knew our blend of cleaning microfibre was the best, so only the best in antibacterial protection was ever going to be good enough. Little did we know, at the time, but this was going to be made from our additive partner, the market leader of antibacterial additives, and happens to have its HQ about 50 miles away from us in Coventry, UK. and have helped in supplied the prefect additive that we infuse into every fibre of our lining, perhaps unsurprisingly, the same technology that hospitals employ to keep us safe.

    You’re not going to see the antibacterial additive destroying the little nasties, so let me tell you a tiny bit about how it works.

    How Keeping You Safe from Bacteria and Viruses Works.

    Firstly, in very simple terms, our additive is like a chemical lance that damages the bacteria cell wall (membrane) and once it’s pierced the cell cannot reproduce; withers and dies. There’s more, like causing cell protein and oxidative damage and DNA interference – but “destroying the cells wall so that it dies” is good enough for us mere mortals!  

    The additive in the lining starts to destroy the bacteria the second it touches the iPhone or iPads surface, and is independent laboratory certified to destroy 99.9%.

    Not only that, the antibacterial function works at 100% strength for the life of the case.

    There’s no dilution, no leaching or transfer of the additive to the iPhone or iPad.

    Just pure 100% protection every minute of the day, forever!


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    Our cases antimicrobial formula has been independently laboratory tested and proven to effective in deactivating multi-Coronavirus strains, common seasonal influenzas, bacteria, MRSA and many other related illnesses.

    In our latest coronavirus tests, a safer for human, surrogate feline strain of the coronavirus family, named Munich, was employed.

    This strain and Covid-19* both share the same “spiked crown-like” that the virus uses on its surface for attachment. Disruption this protein layer deactivates the virus rendering it unable to infect.

    NueVue cases disinfect your device 100% of the time it is in the case which helps to mitigate the transfer of germs in between washing your hands.

    *(COVID-19 is stored in the highest-grade government BSL-Level 4 facilities, and therefore not available for public commercial testing at this time in the epidemic, hence the use of a surrogate virus from the same family).

    Based on the evidence available we would expect our cases to be effective against the Covid-19 strain.




    "Stunning quality. The second case I've owned. This one is brilliant too and top customer service"
    Alan Price
    "I can not praise the product highly enough. The quality of the case is superb, soft leather and a lining that cleans the screen too."
    Daniel Carrick
    "The case's functionality give a brilliant clean screen every time. Just brilliant. The best case I've ever owned hands down."
    Johanna Wilson

    Cases Where Fashion Meets Function

    NueVue cases solve the "growing" problem of illness-causing microbes on your devices.

    Our patented lining swipes away screen dirt and grease and sanitises in seconds.

    Beautifully designed and handcrafted to protect your device from damage without adding bulk you'll have a case that everyone envies, whether you’re in the office, home or out with friends.

    Only NueVue cases protect against damage and provide a clean, safe device that's free from dirty smudges and dangerous bacteria and viruses that can cause illness or be transmitted to others.

    Whatever your hand touches, your phone or tablet collects

    Germs are good for you, right?, not all of them.

    Our phones and tablets are breeding grounds for harmful bacteria and viruses that can cause health issues. With studies indicating that 1 in 6 iPhones carry fecal matter.

    The five most common microbes found on our tech devices cause diarrhea, bloating, eye, throat, and nose infections.

    The World Health Organization state that 80% of pathogens are transmitted through hand contact and despite regular hand washing we often overlook sanitizing our devices, leading to the transfer of harmful pathogens.

    Thankfully, NueVue cases provide a solution, eliminating up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria and viruses, including influenza and coronavirus strains.

    Dirty Screens Cause Eyestrain, Headaches and Migraines

    Our cases are great at taking care of your eye health.

    According to research, the average person blinks 15-20 times a minute which helps to spread tears evenly over the eyes. However, when reading dirty greasy screens, people blink less than half as often as usual.

    Each NueVue case has more than 7 million tiny microfibres that swipe away greasy fingerprints with every slide.

    This not only makes your screen look 10x better, but reduces the strain on your eyes which can cause tiredness, red dry eyes and even headaches.

    Simply put in your device for a clean screen with every slide.

    Hospital Proven and Clinically Certified

    NueVue cases built-in antimicrobial protection, clinically certified to eliminate bacteria and viruses by 99.99%.

    Technology that is used throughout the world’s leading hospitals.

    And real world case studies demonstrating a more than 96% reduction in hospitals, care homes and 20% fewer abences in school rooms.

    Remarkable results for NueVue's protection you can have in your pocket!

    Working in Space

    Bacteria grows x13 faster in space. What’s safe for NASA is safe for you!!

    The safety of our astronauts is a priority for NASA, and their research into the dangers posed by microbes in space has revealed an alarming truth: that organisms become even more threatening away from Earth's atmosphere.

    Growing thirteen times faster in space than they do on our planets surface!

    As such, it should come as no surprise that to protect them while off-world travelling; that the same antimicrobial technology used in our iPhones and iPads also forms a crucial part of astronaut protection.

    So not just your device remains germ free but with this trusty tech safeguarding astronauts too - you can be sure you're well protected right here at home!

    Works Around The Clock

    Our cases lining has infused the world's most advanced antimicrobial technology to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria, germs and viruses that can live and breed on your phone or Pad for days.

    There's no transfer or dilution of the additive so it works at 100% full strength for the life of the case.

    Keeping doctors, nurses, astronauts and you safe every minute of every day, forever.