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Germs - The Hidden Risks On Your iPhone January 05 2018

Infographic research on the hidden risks of germs, bacteria and disease on your iPhone and the unique daily solution of our patented iPhone and iPad Cases lining which not only destroys harmful bacteria but the lining fibre cleans the screen of greasy fingermarks that cause glare and Digital Eyestrain.


Reviews for our iPhone 6 cases from European tech reviewers. October 24 2017

Please take time to check out these great reviews of the NueVue iPhone case from a few  great European Tech Reviewers. Belguim-iphone.lesoir Belgium-iphone.lesoir NueVue iPhone case review - "The Missing Case for iPhone is born" review review Cases are available for iPhone SE, iPhone 6 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 8 / 7 iPhone 8 / 7 Plus and iPad cases are available too.  ...