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What Does A NueVue Case Do?

  • Kill 99.99% Germs and Viruses Dead
  • Protect your iPad drop after drop
  • Cleans dirty screens
  • Coronavirus strains, influenzas, bacteria, MRSA and many other related illnesses.

An iPad has 250,000 bacteria on it - 18x more than a toilet seat

Whatever your hand touches, your iPad collects

When we use our iPads germs and viruses are transferred back from our tablet to our hands, faces and everyday items like food. Our sanitising cases break this infection risk cycle.

Portable sanitiser on the go

Our iPhone and iPad case linings are infused with latest antibacterial technology that leading hospitals use to stop us getting sick. That works at full strength all day, every day, forever.


As Featured In

As Featured In

Don’t get sick - use a NueVue phone or tablet case

Apple iPad Sleeve Style Screen Cleaning and Germ Killing Cases.