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What Does A NueVue Case Do?

  • Protect your device drop after drop
  • Kill 99.99% Germs and Viruses Dead
  • Cleans dirty screens
  • Coronavirus strains, influenzas, bacteria, MRSA and many other related illnesses.

A phone has 250,000 bacteria on it - 18x more than a toilet seat

Cases where fashion meets function

Our cases aren’t just for cleaning. Each case is handcrafted with the highest quality materials and designed to protect your entire case – front, back and sides. NueVue cases protect your iPhone drop after drop, whilst still looking stylish.

We didn’t want to make you a case that was bulky and impractical which is why we spent years developing the perfect slim-fit sleeve case.

We want to keep you safe and make your life easier – which is why we have options with every case, from card holders to window slots so you can see every notification as it comes through. Super-fast access to your device when you need it the most, exactly the way you want it.

These cases will change your life.

Coronavirus and NueVue Cases

Our cases antimicrobial formula has been independently laboratory tested and proven to be effective in deactivating multi-Coronavirus strains, common seasonal influenzas, bacteria, MRSA and many other related illnesses.

In our latest coronavirus tests a safer surrogate strain of the coronavirus family, named Munich, was employed.

This strain and Covid-19* both share the same “spiked crown-like” surface structure for attachment. Disruption of this layer deactivates the virus, rendering it unable to infect.

Forget most sanitising wipes that are antibacterial only (not antiviral), dry out, lose efficacy and need repeated application at least every 4 hours.

NueVue cases disinfect your device 100% of the time it is in the case which helps to mitigate the transfer of germs in between washing your hands.

*(All samples of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) are kept in government highest rated (Biosafe) BSL-4 facilities and therefore currently not available for public testing, hence the use of a surrogate virus from the same family).

Whatever your hand touches, your iPhone collects

When we use our iPhones and germs and viruses are transferred back from our phones to our hands, faces and everyday items like food. Our sanitising cases break this infection risk cycle.

Portable sanitiser on the go

Our phone and tablet case linings are infused with latest antibacterial technology that leading hospitals use to stop us getting sick. That works at full strength all day, every day, forever.


As Featured In

As Featured In

Don’t get sick - use a NueVue phone or tablet case

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