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iPhone 6/6s Plus Pouch Case in Tan Napa Leather | Screen Cleaning Sanitizing Lining.

This beautifully handcrafted Tan napa leather iPhone 6/6s pouch case is designed to protect your iPhone from the knocks and bangs of everyday life, and avoid damage to that all important, expensive to repair, screen.

All our iPhone and iPad cases feature our special blend of micro-fibre that cleans those dirty screens, which cause eyestrain and headaches, and is infused with premium antimicrobial technology, to protect against illness causing bacteria.

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The only cases to

  • Kill 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and germs that live on your phone or tablet
  • Protect your device drop after drop
  • Clean dirty, greasy fingerprints from your screen

Whatever your hand touches, your phone or tablet collects

We can pick up viruses, germs and bacteria everywhere, and these can live on surfaces for 72 hours. We wash our hands regularly, but every time we use our devices it collects any of the viruses and germs we’ve come into contact with.

This means when we use our phone or tablet and then do anything – from touching our eyes and mouths, to everyday items at home or in the office – we're in a constant cycle of transferring germs.

We can always wash our hands more, but we can’t wash our devices.

That’s why our cases sanitize and kill 99.99% of these nasty bacteria - helping us break the continuous transfer of infection that makes us ill.

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Portable sanitiser on the go

Our phone and tablet cases have specially built-in antibacterial protection, which removes bacteria and viruses by 99.99%. This is serious technology that is used throughout the world’s leading hospitals – helping to prevent us getting ill.

This technology works at full strength - day in, day out - every single time we use our phone or tablet.

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How effective are  NueVue cases

Washing hands, social distances is great but then we immediately touch our phones or tablets so what about coronavirus and other nasties?

NueVue's phone and tablet cases proven to deactivate 99.99% of viruses, including Coronaviruses, strain Munich, bacteria and germs when they land on the screen.

The cases work at 100% full strength, to protect you every minute, every day.

Our cases embody the world's leading antimicrobial technology you can trust whose methods and claims are approved by the USA FDA and EPA legislative bodies and backed up by independent laboratory testing in the U.K. to the BS ISO 21702:2019 standard.

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Clean screens with every use

Our cases are great at protecting you and your internal health, and they also take care of your eye health.

Each case has more than 7 million microfibres that removes germs and swipes away your greasy fingerprints with every slide.

This not only makes your screen look 10x better, but reduces the strain on your eyes which can cause tiredness and headaches. Simply put in your device for a clean screen with every slide.

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"Stunning quality. The second case I've owned. This one is brilliant too and top customer service"
Alan Price
"I can not praise the product highly enough. The quality of the case is superb, soft leather and a lining that cleans the screen too."
Daniel Carrick
"The case's functionality give a brilliant clean screen every time. Just brilliant. The best case I've ever owned hands down."
Johanna Wilson