How to protect your iPhone 8 or iPhone X from damage. Choose a Sleeve, Snap-on or Flip Case? March 13 2018

Loving the new iPhone X, so we created a few new colors in our case range, checkout in store the new iPhone X cases to clean and protect your precious iPhone X, front and back.....


How to protect your iPhone 8 or iPhone X from damage. Choose a Sleeve, Snap-on or Flip Case?

Because I’m a clumsy sort of person, you would expect me to favor the bumper or snap on type of case for my beautiful, elegant but fragile and vulnerable iPhone 8 or iPhone X..

But no!! I love the pouch or sleeve case. Although the phone is naked when it comes out for use, I pop it back in to the sleeve when I am out and about, travelling to work, shopping or popping out for a coffee.  This usually entails my older iPhone 7 being thrown into my handbag with my purse, makeup bag, keys etc, totally protected by the pouch/sleeve, and because I chose the faux sugar purple window case, it’s easy enough for me to find when I go to  look for it in my vast handbag.

When I’m out walking my pups, having the case makes the phone feel safe, if I were to drop it on the pavement or in a puddle, it’s completely protected.

Surprisingly for me, my iPhone 7 still looks like new.

Surprisingly for me, my iPhone still looks like new which is very fortunate, because last September I got my iPhone 7 on an Apple Business Contract, if you don't know - through Apple you pay for you iPhone monthly, and the next year - like now - you can change it for the latest model.  I did however need to give Apple back the iPhone 7 which is in good condition, otherwise you are penalized for any knocks, bumps and scratches.  NueVue faux leather case to clean your screen

This iPhone 7 is over a year old and it is almost immaculate.  Just using my NueVue case to rest my phone on when I'm not using it, and obviously I pop it in the pouch when I'm on the go.

I just popped to the Apple Store a week ago to get my iPhone X and handed back my iPhone 7.  I was a bit surprised when the Apple guy told me how much they charge for a new screen or back on the X (like $200/£200 for the screen and $500/£500 for the glass back damage, as this requires a swap out iPhone X).  I have therefore decided to pop an Apple snap-on on my new phone and pop it in a NueVue iPhone 8/7 Plus pouch case in faux purple, it's keeping my iPhone X safe and clean, and once the NueVue iPhone X case comes out, I can take off the snap-on. I also think it's a good idea for everyone to take out an AppleCare+ or another insurance policy as shit happens!

NueVue pouch cleaning cases are available in quality vegan approved faux leather and top grain napa leather.