Why would you choose a pouch or sleeve for your iPhone instead of a bumper? October 17 2017

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Why would you choose a pouch/sleeve for your iPhone?

Because I’m a clumsy sort of person, you would expect me to favour the bumper or snap on type of case for my beautiful, elegant but fragile and vulnerable iPhone.

But no!! I love the pouch sleeve case. Although the phone is naked when it comes out for use, I pop it back in to the sleeve when I am out and about, travelling to work, shopping or popping out for a coffee.  This usually entails the phone being thrown into my handbag with my purse, makeup bag, keys etc, totally protected by the pouch/sleeve, and because I choose the faux sugar purple window case, it’s easy enough for me to find when I go to  look for it in my vast handbag.

When I’m out walking my pups, having the case makes the phone feel safe, if I were to drop it on the pavement or in a puddle, it’s completely protected.

Surprisingly for me, my iPhone still looks like new.