Infographic Research Supports NueVue iPhone and iPad Cases for protection against Bacteria Germs Digital Eyestrain CVS January 02 2018

Research shows that in every day life and in the office we're constantly bombarded with bacteria, much of it good, but other bacterial formations can be harmful and cause stomach upsets, diarrhea, sore throats, jawline spots and worse.

As we use our mobile phones and table devices more and more it's easy for this harmful bacteria to get on our devices and then into our mouths, ears, eyes and noses.

Another effect of using iPhones and iPads, and the like, with their touch screens, is a build up of grease and dirt on the screen that leads to glare which causes eyestrain, headaches and migraine which has become labelled as Digital Eyestrain or Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

We created our range of cases with a unique patented lining to address these two issues  and this infograghic shows recent evidence that highlights the increasing risk in these areas.

NueVue Infographic iPhone and iPad Germs Bacteria Digital Eyestrain CVS Computer Vision Syndrome