Just how do you keep your iPhone 7 jet black clean? A NueVue Case.... February 08 2017

You've got your new Apple iPhone 7 or 7 Plus in the fabulous jet black color option, and it looks amazing - you love the Apple devices, they are aesthetically pleasing and you want to use it as Apple intended - naked! 

So you use it naked and it's wonderful, but it just needs a little bit of protection when you aren't using it, just to safeguard it from all the knocks and bumps of everyday life, and whilst you're at it, a quick clean to get rid of all your finger prints would be nice.  Keep your iPhone looking like new....

So we gave one of our cases to Sadia @Xalirate to review with her new jet black iPhone, and she thought it was great at keeping her iPhone clean and protected - check out her review below:


Our NueVue cases are available in napa leather and vegan approved quality faux leather, designed to keep your iPhone and iPad safe and clean.