Vegetarian Week - Discount on NueVue Vegan iPhone cases May 04 2017

Vegetarian Week discount on all Vegan cases use VVV15 at checkout for 15% discount until the end of May 2017.

At we love animals and with this in mind, we created a range of Vegan approved iPhone and iPad cases, we are so mindful that people will want to know they are cruelty free, that we got them approved by The Vegetarian Society and PETA.

Our cases are stylish, colorful and hand stitched, and we use a high quality vegan faux leather. Inside the case is a high grade microfiber, to help keep your iPhone screen clean with every use.  The microfiber also contains BioCote technology, which kills 99.99% of bacteria on your iPhone or iPad. The same technology used in leading hospitals.

Our cases are especially good at keeping your iPhone 7 jetblack free from smudges and prints.  Check out these reviews from Geekdad and his Vegan wife:

Love animals, love NueVue vegan approved cases....